Friday, September 11, 2009


Yoyoyo everybody~ ^^ I come to update my blog le.. hehe.. but hor, I tell u all hor.. I dun hav nothing want to post.. haha.. just update shuang2.. xD 拜拜~=)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Sorry.. for so long didn’t update.. hehe.. sorry..
N for the last day at the leo forum there, sry.. lazy wanna type.. hehe.. dun have mood to update.. hehe.. so the last day at forum, maybe I wont share wif u guys.. hehe..
Bye… next time update.. hehe..

Friday, June 12, 2009


7/6(the second day)
morning, after we had our breakfast, we went to swimming pool to swim..
yii2, andrea,qian and me went for swimming..
then ahma, joyce, yu wen went to the beach for a walk…
after that, we went to hav our activities till afternoon..
after we had lunch, then we started our indoor activities again..
it’s quite fun.. ^^ after that, we had a rest to prepare for the banquet dinner…
4 something, Yu wen and me went to the beach there to have a walk..
after that, we walked around and took some beach..
after that went back to the room..
few minutes later, andrea and me went to leofric there to have a walk at beach..
beach again.. =.= that means me and beach very you yuan.. you yuan.. =D hehe..
after that went back to room to prepare for the dinner…
then walked to the hall together…
I tell u all hor~ qian and joyce very ”sexy” that night.. haha.. they very pretty orh!!
Eyes big big de… face cute cute de… so leng!!!
will they accept me this ugly gurl?? Wei wei, u two.. Don’t reject me orh~ ! me will very sad de.. hehe.. think too much…XD
And andrea also not bad, very cute!!
And ahma, yii2 also very pretty..
At the dinner there, got a lots of performance like catwalk..
I tell u hor~ the models all very handsome and pretty!!
Besides that, there also had dance and others.. very nice…
And congrats to our AHMA and YII2.. they got awards!! Congratulations..
After that, there had lots of performance.. but 11 something, we already went back..
After that, we watched tv in room…看着。。。看着。。。不知不觉睡着了。。。嘻嘻。。OMG!!不知我的睡相会难看吗??=S
After that, I awaked by yu wen.. =.=
Then me and andrea went to leo there to chat..
Then went back room again.. then went to leo again…
Got some hardworking leos and lions 巡逻。。
When andrea n me went back to room, suddenly got a thing appear…(shock!!) you all got shock dao mar???
原来,it’s a leo.. he took a 木棍wif him and a torchlight…吓!!要死哈?! 大晚上,拿木棍跟手电筒,做虾米噢??? ?! 你要去抓贼哈?!如果是的话, umm我可以考虑帮你抓.. hehe.. why an I so good hor??~~ ^^ haiz.. who ask janet is a good person ma.. she always good de~~ ^^ kakaz…… XD
Suddenly He asked:你们是leo forum的吗?(吓again!!)shock dao!!(sweat) hehe.. got shock dao mar??
Then we answered: 是..
Then he asked again:你们要去那里??
Then we answered him:我们要回去了。。。

呼…. Luckily he don’t have asked more…
after that, we at room for few minutes..
suddenly, “ding tong…” who is that??
Then “ding tong…” again... waliu! So impatient! Mama teaches me that we have to be patient.. Me small mei mei also noe..(even though I noe, but in my daily life, I always impatient de.. hehe..) haiyo! This person need me this small mei mei teach mer??nevermind la, who ask me this small mei mei so good~~ ^^ wakakaz.. =X I think no need eh… u learn it urself la.. hehe..
Then open door lo.. then 3 or 4 leos at door there.. then 1 leo walked in our room to check…
SWEAT~~~ =.= then after he had checked, then walked back.. lolx.. so eng orh they?? Haha..
After that, then we went to sleep lo…
Bye! Next post tell u more about the last day at santubong there.. Bye all!! ^^

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hello everyone!! Sorry for so long didn’t update le.. sorry..
Ummm, duno wan to post wad.. think dao wad, jiu write wad la.. hehe..
Last Saturday(6/6/09), me, yuan, joyce,qian,yii2, ahma(emmee), leo and yu wen went to the leo forum at Santubong there.. !!
We all are very excited!! Especillay joyce(think).. hehe..
The first day(6/6), we all 8am have to arrive at airport already.. so early.. luckily I don’t have sleep over.. hehe.. if not, sure cant go to Santubong liao.. then all thing waste liao.. =S
I tell u hor~ me very pro orh~ (bu yao lian) XD
Me hor~ the day before(5/6), I still haven finish packed my 行李。。。other people Thursday already finish packing liao.. hehe.. me pro mar?? kakaz…
Then hor~ at nite, 7 something, mum keep ask me to pack, then baru felt want to go to pack.. hehe..
Then hor~ me just simply packed sambil main.. hehe..
Remember what, then jiu packed wad.. haha…
Then hor~ here packed xia, later remember another things want to pack, then went to pack that things.. haha..
After had packed tat one, then simply put… then went back to pack the 1st one..
Then hor~ after I had pack the 1st one.. then I baru remember that I haven put my second one into行李.. haha.. pro mar??
Then have to look for few minutes baru find dao.. haha..
Then hor after that..all jus simply put into the 行李.. duno got forget other things or not..
Then when laying on the bed, I realize that I forget to put one thing into my行李…
That’s….. umm, later tell you all la before I finish.. hehe…
Then I scared I will forget to put it in my行李, so I write on my hand so that I wont forget tomorrow.. hehe..
Then the next day.. luckily I remember.. haha.. then put in my行李loh… then jiu cong2 man2 de went to airport..
Then in the plane there, me, yuan, joyce sit together…
Ahma, yii2, leo sit together..
Qian and her parents sit together.. yu wen sit at the back there..
Then after reach at the aiport lo.. then after went to santubong with other school’s leos…
At there, I tell u all.. i, yuan, yu wen very malang..
We at there very early.. then we ask for the key’s room.. then the 负责人said the room still cleaning and ask us to wait.. then keep 催them lo.. then finally got liao.. haiz…
While we are waiting for the key’s room.. I know a fren from swinburne.. my best fren!! Haha… then after that,4 smthg have to go to the hall to start our open ceremony…
That’s all.. for the next those activities.. I will tell u all at next post.. bye!! I love you all!! Muahaha…
Ohya, I forget to tell u all wad thg that I forget to put in my行李.. hehe.. but I lazy to tell u all.. if you want to know, just ask me.. hehe… ok la.. bye!! Love you!! Haha… ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last Saturday(23/5) is the day of traffic game competition..
We got champion for traffic game!!! Congratulations.. ^^
And congratulation to Heng Sheng and Yue Xiong for get the second best pejalan kaki and the best driver.. Congratulations..
For primary, congratulations to SJK Chung Hua 2 and Chung hua 1 for get no1 and no2!!
Dat day, very very hot.. wan 中暑了。。luckily don’t have.. XD

1. SMK BINTULU (148)
2. SMK Bandar(145)
3. SMK Kidurong… (ps: forget the mark oredi)

The best pejalan kaki
1. Siti Farhanah( SMK Bandar)
2. Ting Heng Sheng( SMK Bintulu)
others forget already.. sorry ya…

The best driver
1. Kueh Yue Xiong( SMK Bintulu)
2. duno name( SMK Bandar)
others forget edi…

The best penunggang basikal
1. duno name( SMK Bandar)
2. Janet (SMK Bintulu) =.= (notice: I’m not want to show, just want to list here nia.. don’t salah faham ya).. hehe.. XD
3. others forget also.. psps..

All still ok la.. not so bad..

no 1. SJK Chung hua 2 (139)
no 2. SJK Chung hua 1 (138) oli one mark nia.. so ke xi..

Wait for for peringkat negeri.. kakaz.. Jia you ya everyone!
That’s all.. bye..


Tomorrow(23/5) is the day of traffic game competition..
Have to reach at there before 7am..
Waliu!!! If is before I still sleeping eh…
Nvm la.. 2ml korban xia la..
And don’t shock ya if I like a panda…
Big panda!!
“big panda is coming… tepi tepi..” XD
“catch her to the zoo”.. XD (think too many) =.=
c, me so mulia..
korban my time for the competition… uiseh uiseh.. (bu yao lian).. kakaz..
hope tomorrow got leng zai at there.. kakaz…
hope tomorrow we will win.. get the champion back..(bling bling de).. XD
Next week exam want start le..
I tell you hor~
Me so “PRO”..
One subjects even haven start to do revision..
Wait for get egg nia.. then bring home ask mum to cook.. Yummy~ XD
That’s all.. Bye~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday morning got practise traffic game…
Actually got class ICTl…
But hor~ me very mulia..
mengkorbankan my time for traffic game practice.. XD (不要脸).. hehe.. XP
at there, we Practise together with SMK Bandar..
I tell you all hor~
Don’t have leng zai de.. T.T huhuhu…
all ok ok de.. T.T
so sad..
I’m just kidding la.. haha…
don’t have cry and sad la.. haha… (don’t 吓倒呀~) hehe..
then all went back..
then went to school…
then faye tell me that morning got ICTL test…
they got refer to put de..
Walao eh!!
For those who sat this test, sure will untung banyak!!
And hor~ this subject got record in buku adab…
I want faint edi!!!
If I don’t do this test,
I will get “FLYING COLOUR” for this subject!!
And in my buku adab hor~~ sure very beauty de…
When you see my buku adab hor~
You sure will see that mark first..
Coz hor~ too SHINY liao~ (bling bling..) XD
Even though you only just flip over it,
I can bet that you sure will see that mark first,
coz that mark really very very very very….. BRIGHT!! ( actually got a lot of “many” this word, but hor, my hand very tired to type it.. psps.. too lazy.. hehe.. )
At school,
Andrea told me that teacher told her that she not allow us to sit it again…
OMG!!! (again..) =.=
If I really get “FLYING COLOUR” hor~~~
I will get prize from my mum.. =.= hehe…
And when we back from schooling, it’s rain..
Happy happy!! ^^ But the rain not heavy de.. >.<
Psps: 本人是个like to play water de.. hehe.. so I like rainy even though I will get sick, but hor I play water many times already, still not get sick.. ( psps:没办法嘛~because hor,本人的抵抗力太强了。。)uiseh uiseh.. (不要脸).. XD hehe.. jus kidding..
And then at night, go to tuition..
During the lesson, I almost fell asleep.. my eyelids like wan falling down..
(my eyelids is falling down, falling down, falling down, my eyelids is……. ) almost same as “London Bridge is falling down” hehe… XD nvm la, copy xia.. hehe… I sure the composer of this song sure wont mind de.. hehe.. XD

OMG, I haven learn my test de.. gotta die edi..==
that’s all from me.. Bye~~ ^^